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ALLI Residency

December 2022

Since my last post, I continued to explore solar plate printing. I am grateful that I was able to use the printmaking studio several times and happy with the results of my experimentations. New ideas come to me as I continue to explore this medium and am looking forward to create many more prints.

One of my small hand cut paper works was on view at the beautiful Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery as part of Art League of Long Island Members’ Exhibit, Part I (M-Z). Beautiful show exhibiting artworks in different styles. This show is closed and Members’ Exhibition Part II (A-L) is now on view.

In ceramic class I continue to experiment with different glazes. I find the process of glazing very fascinating and I enjoy playing with different color combinations. The final piece is always a surprise. In order to be able to repeat a combination that I like I need to keep detailed notes of the glazes used and the sequence that they were used. In time, as I gain more experience I hope that I will be able to have a better understanding of what I would like to accomplish. Besides glazing I was able to throw two cylinders and my goal for the remainder of the classes is to practice throwing more cylinders in order to gain more confidence in my technique and start building some forms. As my teacher says “now the fun begins!”

It was such a fun experience to volunteer for the Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair at the beginning of December. There were many vendors exhibiting a variety of beautiful, hand made products such as jewelry, ceramics, paintings, accessories and many more items. I had the opportunity to meet some of the vendors and the chance to purchase some holiday gifts. It was a very vivid and well attended event. Happy I was there!

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